Granite Epoxy & Glue


Allstone ASII20 Instant Install 29 Minute Epoxy is a super fast curing epoxy for natural stone, marble & Granite. It's one of the fastest curing epoxies available for professionals! It gels in about 14 minutes and cures in just 15 more - to make a toal of 29 minutes from initial mixing until full cure (like a polyester resin) - The Epoxy is so strong, bonded joints can't be broken with hammer and chisel 29 minutes after mixing! Always use gloves & eye protection when using this product. Give us a call if you have any questions!


Granite & Marble Chip Repair Kit Picture

NEW! LiquaGlass - Water clear, chip filling epoxy

Finally, a fast, water clear epoxy for easy chip fills!

LiquaGlass is a revolutionary product that will save you time and money. It is a superfast water clear epoxy for filling chips and holes in stone. This product will dry in 5 - 10 minutes at room temperature and will dry clear - clear like glass!

It dries with gloss and since there is no shrinkage you can fill the chip, blade it flush and just let it dry!

This glue does not color enhance stone and it does not create green blooms like CA kits will on some stones. As an added bonus it is an epoxy so it is a permanent bond on stone.

This chip filling glue is meant for inside use and may develop hue over time with exposure to direct sunlight. For fast results product and material should be room temperature or warmer. Kit includes glue, mixing cups, stirring sticks, and instruction sheets.

Granite & Marble Chip Repair Kit Picture

Granite Glue / Epoxy

Unlike other epoxies ASII20 Instant Install will not stick to the polished surface on granite, allowing for E-Z clean-up with no more taping off joints. It can be colored to match your granite with a coloring kit, but it does dry water clear!

Allstone ASII20 Instant Install is a mercaptan epoxy which has different physical characteristics than other epoxies in that it isn't weather or climate sensitive! It will cure fast in hot or cold temperatures, whether it is humid or arid!

  • Strongest bond
  • For lamination & seams of Granite or Natural Stone
  • USA Made
  • Dries fast even in cold temperatures
  • Stays flexible
  • Will not fall, crack, shrink, or stain the stone
  • 20oz Knife Grade
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